The team of the EnTechnon

Foto des Teams
Name Title Function Office Hours E-Mail
Prof. Dr. Chair and Head of Institute Terminvereinbarung über das Sekretariat ( orestis terzidis does-not-exist.kit edu
Secretary's Office
Name Activity Responsibilities Telephone E-Mail
Secretary's office, Assistant Head of Institute Appointment Prof. Terzidis, personnel, exam registration, administration +49 721 608-47341 sekretariat-etm does-not-exist.entechnon kit edu
Academic Staff
Name Activity Responsibilities Telephone E-Mail
Research Associate / PhD Candidate Lecture "Entrepreneurship", Learning Agreements +49 721 608 47335 assany dang does-not-exist.kit edu
Research Associate / PhD Candidate ARRTI Project, Student Innovation Lab +49 721 608 47335 christin eckerle does-not-exist.kit edu
Research Associate / PhD Candidate ARRTI Project, Coordination of seminars +49 721 608 47335 ann-sophie finner does-not-exist.kit edu
PhD Candidate +49 721 608-48977 marcos gonzalez does-not-exist.kit edu
Research Associate International Affairs +49 721 608-47306 ralph henn does-not-exist.kit edu
Research Associate Project controlling, coordination of teaching, Global Horizon Program +49 721 608-48970 tanja himstedt does-not-exist.kit edu
Doctoral Student Coordination of seminars andreas kleinn does-not-exist.kit edu
    +49 721 608-48977 katherina kuschel does-not-exist.partner kit edu
research associate / phD candidate Lecture entrepreneurship, learning agreements, projekt ARRTI sarah manthey does-not-exist.kit edu
Research Associate / PhD Candidate StartUpSecure KASTEL   rahel martjan does-not-exist.kit edu
PhD Candidate upCAT, lecture entrepreneurship +49 721 608-47335 allen mohammadi does-not-exist.kit edu
PhD student   +49 721 608-48977 fernando bravo does-not-exist.partner kit edu
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin     jeanette siegle does-not-exist.kit edu
Researcher Research and Teaching +49 721 608-47308 alexander tittel does-not-exist.kit edu
Research Associate on parental leave    
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter / Doktorand   +49 721 608-47311 sascha weimar does-not-exist.kit edu
Student assistants
Name Function Phone E-Mail
Mitarbeit Internationalisierung und Lehre