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Examination registration (for the written / oral examination)

You can register for the exams online via the Campus Management System or HIS-POS within the specified period. Please check your study plan to see which system you are managed by.

You can also find further information at: https://campus.studium.kit.edu/exams/index.php

In the summer semester 2020 the following dates and deadlines apply:


Written examination and review "Entrepreneurship" on 26.06.2020 (diagram for registration and deregistration)

  • Start of registration: 20.05.2020
  • Application deadline: 20.06.2020


Oral examination "Entrepreneurship

  • You only register for this if you have been personally requested to do so by the secretariat!

Please take care of the registration in time! Participation without prior registration is not possible!

If an online registration is not possible, please proceed as follows: Print out the admissions certificate (see https://www.sle.kit.edu/imstudium/pruefungszulassung.hph) and take it to the member of staff at the Student Office responsible for your degree programme. The staff member there will check whether you are entitled to take an exam and either register you directly in the system or stamp the certificate. If the certificate of admission is stamped and given to you, please hand it in to the secretary of the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Technology Management (Geb. 01.85, 5th floor, room 515) at Mrs. Hertenstein within the registration period. Please note the opening hours of the EnTechnon secretariat.

Registrations received after the registration deadline cannot be considered!!


  • The procedure applies to ENTECH students: Online registration is not possible here. You should therefore print out your letter of admission on the Internet, have it stamped by the Student Service of your field of study and then register with the EnTechnon Secretariat within the registration period.
  • For Erasmus students the procedure applies: If online registration is not possible, print out the admissions certificate on the Internet, have it stamped by the student services of your degree programme and register with the EnTechnon secretariat within the registration period.
  • For HoC students: Students who are already registered for the lecture "Entrepreneurship" via the HoC and want to write the exam, must register personally at the EnTechnon secretariat within the registration period. The registration is done by presenting a current certificate of enrolment, your identity card and your student ID. No further certificate from Student Services or HOC is necessary.
  • For ZAK students: please have the ZAK secretariat provide you with an admission ticket for the exam and register personally at the EnTechnon secretariat within the registration period.


When registering, please also make sure that you register under the examination number applicable to your degree programme:

For the exam "Entrepreneurship

  • Examination number: 1110 for WIWI, INWI, INFO, Technische VWL (PO version: 0)
  • Examination number: 945 for ETIT (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) (PO version: 20072)
  • Examination number: 979 for repeater Master (WIWI, INWI, Technische VWL) (PO version: 0)


written examination "Management of New Technologies" (repeat examination) on 20.02.2020

  • Start of registration: to be announced
  • Application deadline: to be announced


Please check yourself if you are successfully logged in: To do so, please log in to the Campus Management System (information about registered exams (https://campus.studium.kit.edu/exams/inforegistered.php) or HIS-POS.

Please refrain from asking if you have already registered successfully!