Overview of courses

Information: The courses in WS 2022/23 will most likely take place in presence! The registration for the seminars is possible in the wiwi-Portal. Information regarding the lecture Entrepreneurship will be published in Ilias.


The following courses are currently offered at EnTechnon:



  • Entrepreneurship (WS/SS):
    The lecture as an obligatory part of the module "Entrepreneurship" introduces the basic concepts of entrepreneurship. The individual stages of dynamic company development are dealt with. The focus here is on the introduction to methods for generating innovative business ideas, translating patents into business concepts and general principles of business planning. Further contents are the conception and use of service-oriented information systems for founders, technology management and business model generation as well as lean startup methods for the implementation of business ideas on the way of controlled experiments in the market.
  • Management neuer Technologien (SS):
    This lecture provides an overview of new technologies in the research areas of biotechnology, nanotechnology and neurosciences as well as basic concepts of technology management. A listener of the lecture should be able to present problems of technology assessment and early recognition of new technologies in a structured way and to apply formal approaches to questions of technology management appropriately.


Master Seminars:

  • Startup Experience (SS/WS):
    Students learn about the life of a founder in the Startup X seminar, from the conception of an idea to the final pitch, working on their own projects. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to describe why personal and team core values are essential for team formation and how they can effect startup projects. They will be able to develop a sound value proposition for a target customer, recognize business opportunities, build a prototype and create a concrete business model, as well as pitch their business ideas to potential investors.

  • Design Thinking (WS/SS):
    During the seminar, students will learn basic procedures for achieving innovation, i.e. concrete techniques and methods that apply to the current end user or "non-user" of certain products and services. So we work strongly PROBLEMORIED and with concrete CUSTOMER RELATION. After attending the seminar, students will be able to assess the need to survey end-user needs as a basis for market-driven innovation approaches.

  • Geschäftsplanung für Gründer/Business Planning for Founders (WS):
    The seminar introduces students to the basic concepts of business planning for entrepreneurs. On the one hand, this involves concepts for the concretisation of business ideas (business modelling, market potential assessment, resource planning, etc.) and on the other hand, the preparation of an implementable business plan (with or without VC financing). In the course of the seminar, the students are familiarized with methods of further developing patents and business ideas into a more concrete business plan and formulating them in a business plan.

  • Entrepreneurship Forschung (SS):
    Students work independently on a topic from the field of entrepreneurship research. Within the framework of a written elaboration, the seminar topic must be scientifically presented on 15-20 pages. Therefore, the event is especially aimed at students who would like to write their thesis at the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Technology Management.
  • Grundkonzepte der Unternehmensplanung im Bereich IT-Sicherheit (irregularly):
    In order to identify opportunities, the participants should identify fields for entrepreneurial opportunities in a systematic web research. For this purpose, Systematic Mapping procedures will be adapted to the research of general web sources and applied to the research of interesting fields in the area of cyber security.
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation Management (irregularly):
    In this seminar, students learn 1) how to assess the determinants of entrepreneurial performance, 2) how to identify business opportunities and evaluate them, 3) how to develop and sharpen innovative business ideas, 4) how to pitch a business idea in front of potential shareholders or stakeholders, 5) how to lead a newly founded company to growth and organizational development, as well as how to deal with critical challenges and overcome obstacles.

Bachelor Seminars:

  • Entrepreneurship Basics (WS/SS):
    After participation, students learned how to take the first steps (before) setting up a business using a structured process in order to identify and minimise their most important risks. In particular, they have practical experience in 1) identifying and validating relevant customer problems, 2) designing and testing solutions to these problems, 3) identifying target groups and verifying their reachability and 4) their willingness to pay. As methods for this they got to know and applied the Business Model Canvas, the Value Proposition Canvas, Rapid Prototyping and target group interviews. In addition, they have learned to work efficiently in a team by using communication strategies.
  • Der Weg zum eigenen Unternehmen - Nutze deine persönlichen Werte, um die Welt nachhaltig zu verändern (WS/SS):
    Attention: The seminar is exclusively aimed at students who do not belong to a study programme of the Faculty of Economic Sciences (registration via HOC).
    Iin the context of the seminar, the students learn 1) to attain clarity over the personal Motivatoren and to develop a business idea on this basis, 2) the realistic conception and target group-fair presentation of business ideas and business models, 3) to know and be able to use usual methods from the range Entrepreneurship as well as 4) the establishment of its own enterprise as alternative to an employment to know.


ATTENTION: Creditability in the seminar module

The seminars for master students of EnTechnon are NOT creditable in the seminar module! The crediting is only possible in the ENTREPRENEURSHIP MODULE (Please note module requirements!).

Exception is the seminar "Entrepreneurship Research". This is the only one of our seminars that can be credited in the seminar module!

For Bachelor students, the seminar "Entrepreneurship Basics" is credited in the seminar module (in-depth module).


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You can find more detailed information about the courses in the respective semester descriptions.

Please pay particular attention to the current module manuals of your course of study.