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Manuel Köcher
CIE - Center for Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship

Mail: manuel koecherXrt6∂kit edu

Tel:  0151 40418043


Christine Hertenstein

Assistenz Institutsleitung






Dienstags 10:00 - 12:00 Uhr

Procedure for applying for semester leave due to business start-up

  1. Please download the"Supplementary sheet to the application for leave of absence due to start-up" (A) on the homepage of the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Technology Management and fill it in and sign it.
  2. Send this supplementary sheet (A) by e-mail to the Center for Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship (CIE) at Manuel Köcher (manuel.koecher∂kit.edu) and ask for an appointment to present your start-up.

    Deadlines for submission or contact with the CIE:
    01.03. when applying for leave of absence for the following summer semester
    01.09. when applying for leave of absence for the following winter semester
  3. If your start-up is approved, the EnTechnon secretariat will send you "Confirmation of leave of absence for one semester due to start-up" (B).

    When the confirmation is ready, the EnTechnon secretariat will ask you to collect the documents from Ms. Hertenstein. [Letter of Confirmation (B) and Supplement Sheet (A) signed by EnTechnon].
  4. Then download the "Antrag auf Beurlaubung vom aktiven Studium aus wichtigen Gründen" (C) https://www.sle.kit.edu/imstudium/beurlaubung.php from the SLE page, fill it in completely and sign it.
  5. Now send the following documents together to Mrs Horn-Graf (HAA):

    - the application for leave of absence (C)
    - confirmation from EnTechnon (B)
    - the supplementary sheet (A)

    At the latest before the start of lectures (cut-off period)!
  6. Mrs. Horn-Graf will inform you in writing about the decision of the application.