Startup Experience - New Seminar in WS 2021/22

From the conception of an idea to the final pitch, experience the life of a founder yourself through the new seminar Startup X. Challenge yourself to be a technological entrepreneur and learn how to attain resources to realize your vision.

During this course, you will learn the essentials of technology-based entrepreneurship: The focus of the seminar is Opportunity Recognition based on KIT patents or other new technologies, followed by ideation sessions with the aim to find possible meaningful applications, e.g. applications related to the UN sustainable development goals. Prototyping, business model development, and pitching are part of the seminar.

After completing this course, the course participants will be able to: 

  • Characterize the specifications of Technology Push and Market Pull
  • Describe why personal and team core values are important for team formation and how they can affect start-up projects
  • Develop a sound value proposition for a target customer
  • Recognize Business Opportunities applying the TAS Approach
  • Learn the processes of Design Thinking
  • Build a Prototype
  • Create concrete Business Model
  • Pitch their Business Ideas to potential investors

Want to learn how to create new businesses and thrive in times of uncertainty?
Sign up for Startup Experience and learn useful skills that will help you launch new businesses. 

You can combine Startup X (6 ECTS) with the Entrepreneurship lecture (3 ECTS) to complete the module Entrepreneurship [M-WIWI-101488].

Registration for the seminar in WS 21/22 is open in the WIWI-Portal until 01.10.2021.

Startup X