Startup Experience - New Seminar in SS 2022

From the conception of an idea to the final pitch, experience the life of a founder yourself through the seminar Startup X. Challenge yourself to experience the life of an entrepreneur and learn how to attain resources to realize your vision.

Go through the different districts with us to let your idea become a validated business model. You will start your entrepreneurial journey in the Opportunity district, where you will open your eyes to the world's needs and discover your core values and competencies. In the Problem and Solution districts, you will find out the pains of your customers and how you can design, build and test a solution for them. In the Market district, you will identify the competitors and learn how to reach your customers. The Company district will enable you to set up your own organization, including the core people, core assets, and key activities. Your ability to express your business idea to investors and stakeholders will be developed in the Communication district. Prototyping, business model development, and pitching are part of the seminar.

After completing this course, the course participants will be able to: 

  • Describe why personal and team core values are essential for team formation and how they can affect startup projects
  • Develop a sound value proposition for a target customer
  • Recognize Business Opportunities
  • Build a Prototype
  • Create concrete Business Model
  • Pitch their Business Ideas to potential investors

Want to learn how to create new businesses and thrive in times of uncertainty? Sign up for Startup Experience and learn valuable skills to help you launch new ventures. 

You can combine Startup X (6 ECTS) with the Entrepreneurship lecture (3 ECTS) to complete the module Entrepreneurship [M-WIWI-101488].

Registration for the seminar in SS22 is open in the WIWI-Portal until 01.04.2022.

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Startup X