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Forschung EnTechnon

We work on theories, design management methods and validate both with empirical research. Our basic paradigm is that of a human-centric systemic approach: We see new ventures as ‘vehicles’ of innovation that must be actively steered through their environment by a “kybernetes” (steersman) – the entrepreneur(s).


We want to explore how young companies can be run and want to understand the regularities that are important in this context. We want to create sound practices and work in a Design Science Research mode.



Our Focus Areas

Venture as a Human-Centric Cybernetic System

  • We develop an integral, empirically sound view of the venture creation process and design management methods for it.
  • We consider the venture as a human-centric, self-organizing cybernetic system.

Current dissertations:

  • Development and application of methods for healthy and effective behaviour regulation for entrepreneurs (Benedict Heblich)
  • Building an organization: a design science approach to organizational design of young, growth oriented technology ventures (Christian Ziegler)
  • The decision-making process at the different stages in the life of a startup: navigation from effectution to causation (Marcos González)


Technology Entrepreneurship

  • Our focus area is that of technology-based innovations, mainly in the domains of energy, mobility and information.

Current dissertations:

  • Systematic Business Modeling in Value Networks - An Empirical Study of Successful Realization (Markus Lau)


Network Economy

  • We focus on entrepreneurship and innovation as part of the network economy.

Current dissertations:

  • The Management of Partner Ecosystems in the Enterprise Software Industry (Abilio Avila Albez)