As a part of the KIT department of management and economics, the EnTechnon is committed to excellence in research, education and practice and believes that their interaction leads to a substantial cross-pollination. It wants to enable people to be responsible entrepreneurs in the context of new technologies and emerging needs. Its mission is to create, convey and apply knowledge about entrepreneurship and technology management. It is committed to create value for the scientific community, the students, the entrepreneurs and companies.


Entrepreneurship Research

In numerous contributions to peer-reviewed conferences and journals, the EnTechnon contributes to the creation of new and relevant knowledge in the domain. It has a focus on design science research, and develops artefacts that support entrepreneurial action.


Entrepreneurship Education

The programs of the Institute aim to develop entrepreneurial competences. These competences are based on specific knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable the individual to act responsibly in variable situations. The education programs go beyond classroom teaching of theory and cases and offers action learning formats based on research insights and made for the real needs of enterprising teams or individuals.


Accelerator Programs

The EnTechnon is in charge of a university-based accelerator program, called upCAT (Startup Catalyst). With a focus on deep tech projects, we support teams in a three month program to come to focused and purposeful action. The training content is applied to the real projects of the participants. Peer feedback, mentoring and networking are an integral of the approach.