Analyzing the ideation process for technological innovations

  • Type:Masterarbeit
  • Date:ab Mai 2022
  • Supervisor:

    Sarah Manthey

  • Zusatzfeld:

    For the preparation of the thesis, the independent acquisition of suitable interview partners or the identification of already existing, suitable information material is necessary. Common methods so far are personal interviews, but the analysis of suitable podcasts or the like is also possible.

    The number of interviews depends on the depth of the interviews, but in any case at least 10.

  • In the context of this work, the ideation process in technology-based innovations is to be examined. In contrast to market pull innovations, where the product or service is inquired and developed based on customer needs, technology push innovations are critical: Especially at the beginning, when the technology is there but no possible applications have been identified yet, there is a high level of uncertainty and thus naturally high risks when deciding on an application of the technology and pursuing it further.

    Since this is a very "fuzzy" field, this is exactly where the interest lies - how do the actors involved come up with the final idea? What framework conditions, what factors are decisive here? What challenges do they encounter along the way?

    The analysis of the research question can be answered either by a survey (already existing at the institute) or by case studies (existing descriptions of the ideation process of companies). Interviews can be conducted as a supplement if needed, but are not the main focus of the work.