How Digital Health Startups find their Business Model

  • Typ:Bachelor- oder Masterarbeit
  • Datum:ab sofort
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    Rahel Sophie Martjan

    Sascha Weimar

How Digital Health Startups find their Business Model

The Digital Health Transformation is in full swing - worldwide. For entrepreneurs who would like to found a company in the field of digital health, it is oftentimes unclear which business models are possible and in the next step which business model suits them best. For example, digital health entrepreneurs could decide to develop an app that they publish in the app store without regulatory restrictions. They could charge a one-time fee when the customer downloads the app. Are further business models possible?

Your task in this project would be to analyze possible business models for digital health startups. Furthermore, it should be investigated how the decision process for digital health startups looks like. Why did they choose the business model they implemented? 

Possible Research Questions (can be adapted to personal interests)

  • Which business models are possible in the field of digital health?
  • What are factors digital health startups take / took into account when choosing their business model?
  • How can digital health startups be supported in their decision process?

Your Benefits

  • Insights into current research topics
  • Intensive supervision of work and support
  • Possibility for a joint scientific publication


  • Interest in digital health and startups
  • Good self-organization and communication skills
  • A self-motivated and reliable way of working

Interested? Please send your grade statement, your curriculum vitae and a brief description of your motivation to Rahel Martjan: rahel.martjan∂