Digital Health Startup Landscape: A Structured Analysis

  • Typ:Bachelor-/Masterarbeit
  • Datum:ab sofort
  • Betreuung:

    Rahel Sophie Martjan

    Sascha Weimar

Digital Health Startup Landscape: A Structured Analysis

Currently the health startup scene is booming. More and more products based on unique ideas and business models are developed worldwide and in Germany. These products can be hardware, software or service based. Different wordings are used to describe the solutions: MedTech, mHealth, Digital Health and more.

Your task in this project is to analyse the health startup scene in Germany and provide a status quo of it. To get a better understanding, an overview of the different terms used to describe the industry should be developed. The focus of the subsequent in-depth startup analysis would then be on digital health solutions, which have a digital health end component such as apps. Ideally, the landscape can be clustered based on pre-defined criteria. Finally, challenges and trends can be outlined.

Possible Research Questions (can be adapted to personal interests)

  • What are criteria to cluster the digital health startup scene in Germany?
  • Which focus do most digital health startups have (e.g., cancer, mental disorders, headache)?
  • Which trends, potential growth areas and weaknesses can be identified out of the analysis?

Your Benefits

  • Insights into current research topics
  • Intensive supervision of work and support
  • Possibility for a joint scientific publication


  • Interest in digital health and startups
  • Good self-organization and communication skills
  • A self-motivated and reliable way of working

Interested? Please send your grade statement, your curriculum vitae and a brief description of your motivation to Rahel Martjan: rahel.martjan∂