Entrepreneurship Basics (Track 2)


Course Content: 

This seminar shows what is important for entrepreneurs and it guides you through a structured process from the first business idea to a pitch of your final business model. In teams you create, develop, validate and present your business model. It partially simulates a start-up process up to the investor pitch.

Starting with a rough business idea, you learn to understand and validate the customer problems. Together with your teammates and the feedback from the other teams and the lecturer, you will create a sharp business model by using tools like the Value Proposition Canvas, the Business Model Canvas and customer interviews. With some further information about rapid prototyping and structuring a pitch and a one-pager for business angels, you will learn, how to present the developed business. This seminar is teamwork. You grow as a team, learn to communicate and to work efficient in a team so all your results (the pitch and the written outline) are presented by the team.

Learning Objectives

  • Learning of entrepreneurial skills.
  • Understanding of value creation importance.
  • Experience on how to derive and test hypothesis.
  • Transition from ideas to a business model that works.
  • Leaning how to pitch and to convince investors.


Presentation + active participation + paper.

Target group:

Bachelor students

Language of instructionEnglish
Organisational issues

Registration is via the Wiwi-Portal.

In the seminar you will work on a project in teams of max. 5 persons. Team applications are welcome but not a prerequisite for participation.