Impact Startup Archetypes - an Identification

  • Subject:Identifiy different Types of Impact Startups and Cluster them accordingly
  • Type:Masterarbeit
  • Date:immediately
  • Supervisor:

    Christin Eckerle

  • Startups that want to raise external financing have to know what investors are looking for and if there is potential match. When it comes to impact investors, it is still highly unclear what differentiates them from other sustainable investors and what type of startups they invest in. The main difference seems to be the goal: to address a societal problem. But maybe other factors play also an important role to be eligible for impact funding. It is therefore important to identify the characteristics of impact startups. We already do know some insights into the characteristics of such startups from qualitative research. After researching these characteristics in a systematic manner, it is then important to test these findings against a large number of data points.


    RQ: What are different types of impact startups?


    Methodology: Mixed method approach

    • Systematic/structured literature review
    • Data-set analysis, Cluster analysis