Attocube Systems AG (2001; DE)

  • Published:

    2014 October

The university spin-out Attocube Systems AG develops, manufactures and sells spatial nano-positioning systems and complete probing tools through a worldwide distribution network. Ultra-high precision spatial positioning of objects is central to most fields of nanotechnology.

Its fundamental innovation was the development of ultra-compact, nano-precise positioning devices, which were – for the first time ever – adaptable to extreme conditions, such as cryogenic temperatures (close to the absolute zero point of temperature, -273.15°C), ultra-high vacuum environments (UHV) and highest magnetic fields.

Particularly, Attocube develops and produces a broad range of scanning probe microscopes (SPMs) targeting basic and industrial research and quality control of manufacturing processes. Attocube’s nanopositioners and SPMs are used in a variety of industrial applications in the semiconductor, data and storage industry, in micromachining, telecommunications, material sciences and life sciences.

Attocube is a lucid example of how a university research project and utilizing global networking for further development was used to build a successful business. Furthermore, it is shown how Attocube keeps its corporate identity and way of operation even after having been acquired by a large firm.

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