Gameforge AG (2003; DE)

  • Published:

     2014 March

Gameforge AG from Karlsruhe (Germany) is a developer and publisher of computer (video) games. It is assumed to be the largest independent global provider of browser and downloadable client-based Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs).

Gameforge was founded by two entrepreneurs who were familiar with computers and the Inter-net, one of them being a serial entrepreneur with industry experience in IT, the other one about to complete his study (degree of International MBA in 2004) and a first time entrepreneur. Both had computer games as a hobby and each of them had developed a game as a “starting capital” of the firm. This made Gameforge immediately profitable on operation.

It is believed that play – like search, share and shop – as a general macrotrend “Leisure and Entertainment” would become one of the core activities on the Internet. Concerning technology the Internet game providers face competition from developers of games for mobile and other platforms and games for dedicated, standalone boxed consoles.

The successful development of the multiply awarded startup was based on complementary personal, commercial and technical orientations and competencies of the founders and cash flow generating exploitation of the special opportunity provided by MMOGs in Europe and developing countries around the globe based on the ubiquitous accessibility of the Internet. Gameforge offers its games in the respective countries’ native languages (more than fifty languages).


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