Sascha Weimar

Sascha Weimar

  • Gebäude 01.85

    Zähringerhaus 5. OG

    Fritz-Erler-Str. 1-3

    76133 Karlsruhe

Sascha Weimar

Sascha Weimar is a research associate at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology's (KIT) Chair of Entrepreneurship, Technology Management and Innovation. His research examines the digitalization of healthcare from an entrepreneurial perspective. Furthermore, he is responsible for developing and running entrepreneurship seminars to find new and creative applications for technologies.


End-to-End Deep Learning for Stress Recognition Using Remote Photoplethysmography
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AI, Robotics, and Clinical Research for Innovative Dementia Interventions: A Japanese-German Collaboration
Otake, M.; Kilimann, I.; Schinle, M.; Kumagai, K.; Weimar, S.
2023. (S. Stock, Hrsg.), KITopen