Dr. Kiryo Abraham

  • Fritz-Erler-Str. 1-3
    76133 Karlsruhe

Kiryo Abraham

I am Co-Founder and Managing Director of the AI startup Neohelden GmbH located in Karlsruhe, Germany. We are building “Neo”, the digital AI assistant for business.

At Neohelden, I am responsible for Sales, Business Development and Fundraising.Before starting Neohelden, I already founded another startup specialising on the implementation of digital solutions and automating processes and tasks.I have gained many years of experience in managing national and international projects for corporates and SMEs as a management consultant.

My focus is on the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, online marketing and the IT sector. I specialize in the field of Change Management, Process Management and Lean Management.I believe in growth mindsets and believe that each person can achieve his goals and reach his potential through three aspects, which my actions are based on: motivation, discipline and continuous improvement.