Business Planning for Founders in the field of IT-Security (KASTEL)


The seminar introduces students to basic concepts of business planning based on technological innovations. On the one hand, this involves concepts for the concretization of business ideas (business modeling, market potential assessment, resource planning, etc.) and, on the other hand, the creation of a feasible business plan (with or without VC financing).

IT security is one of THE most important topics at the moment. This makes career prospects in this area very promising. Already for this reason, it makes sense to deal with this topic. Previous knowledge in this area is not required for the course. You will learn everything in the course, which is structured as follows:

On the first day of the three-day course, a case focusing on IT security will be presented. This case has to be worked on and pitched on the last day. For this purpose, you will learn the necessary tools in the seminar. On the first day, the Design Thinking approach will be presented in detail. Based on this approach, a prototype will be created that can be used as a potential business idea in the field of IT security. Based on this prototype a business model will be developed. All information regarding business modeling will be worked out together on day two. On day three the business model will be presented by the teams and you will receive valuable feedback as well as all information on how to get support for your business model.

Learning Objectives

During the seminar, students are familiarized with methods to develop technological inventions and initial business ideas into a more concrete business plan. After completing this seminar, students will have learned and actually practiced the whole business model development process.

Credentials: Registration is via the Wiwi portal.

ATTENTION: Creditability in the seminar module: The seminar is NOT credited in the seminar module! Crediting is only possible in the EXPERT MODULE ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Vortragssprache: Englisch


Block event in the framework of the KASTEL project.

Please note that this seminar will be held in presence at the current planning stage. Further information will be announced via ILIAS.