Entrepreneurship Basics (Track 2)



This seminar shows what is important for entrepreneurs and guides you through a structured process from the first business idea to a pitch of your final business model. In teams you create, develop, validate and present your business model. It partially simulates a start-up process up to the investor pitch.

Learning Objectives

Starting with a rough business idea, you learn to understand and validate the customer problems. Together with your teammates and the feedback from the other teams and the lecturer, you will create a sharp business model by using tools like the Value Proposition Canvas, the Business Model Canvas and customer interviews. With some further information about rapid prototyping and structuring a pitch and a one-pager for business angels, you will learn, how to present the developed business. This seminar is teamwork. You grow as a team, learn to communicate and to work efficient in a team so all your results (the pitch and the written outline) are presented by the team.


Registration is via the Wiwi portal.


Please note that this seminar will be held in presence at the current planning stage. Further information will be announced via ILIAS.