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About Us



We enable people to be responsible entrepreneurs
in the context of new technologies and emerging needs.


  • We create, convey and apply knowledge about entrepreneurship and technology management.
  • We are striving for excellence in research, education and practice and believe that their interaction leads to a substantial cross-pollination.
  • We focus on value for the scientific community, our students, entrepreneurs and companies.
  • We focus on the big challenges of our planet. In particular, we work in the focus fields of the KIT strategy: energy, mobility and information.


  • Our team work is based on mindfulness, mutual respect, fairness, transparency, cooperation, commitment, trust and taking responsibility.
  • We want our team members to evolve, to be passionate, creative and implementation-oriented through a working environment that is based on autonomy and empowerment.
  • We believe in interdisciplinary and international collaboration, and see diversity as an asset.
  • We assume full accountability towards funding agencies and sponsors. We look for sustainable win-win relationships with our business partners.