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Research at the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Technology Management


We develop theory, evaluate it with empirical data and design management methods and systems. Our basic paradigm is that of human-centric cybernetics: We see new ventures as ‘vehicles’ of innovation that must be actively steered through their environment by a “kybernetes” (steersman) – the entrepreneur(s).

We want to study how to best design and steer ventures and want to understand the “laws” that matter in this context.

  • Within research, we face the complex, but we strive for the simple.
  • We combine rigor with relevance.
  • Rigor relates to scientific methods and standards, relevance to the possibility to apply our knowledge in practice.
  • We want to gain visibility and reputation based on our results.

Our Focus Areas

Venture as a Human-Centric Cybernetic System

  • We develop an integral, empirically sound view of the venture creation process and design management methods for it.
  • We consider the venture as a human-centric, self-organizing cybernetic system.

Technology Entrepreneurship

  • Our focus area is that of technology-based innovations, mainly in the domains of energy, mobility and information.

Network Economy

  • We focus on entrepreneurship and innovation as part of the network economy.