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Orestis Terzidis

Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis

Chair and Head of Institute
Office Hours: By appointment through the Secretariat (christine.hertenstein@kit.edu)
orestis terzidisJpi9∂kit edu

Consultation hours at Prof. Terzidis for Students:

For an appointment please inform sekretariat-etm@entechnon.kit.edu


Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis

Orestis Terzidis heads the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management and Innovation (EnTechnon) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). After earning his doctorate in physics, he worked from 1998-2011 for SAP, initially as an application developer, and later as an assistant to the CEO Henning Kagermann and director for the SAP Research Center in Karlsruhe. In October 2011 he joined the KIT as full professor.


Selected Publications

Wohlfeil, Florian; Terzidis, Orestis; Hellmann, Louisa (2015): Radical Technological Innovation – Comparison of a Critical Success Factors Framework with Existing Literature (to be published), International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICETI), Istanbul.

Wohlfeil, Florian; Terzidis, Orestis (2015): Strategic Approaches for the Realization of Radical Technological Innovations within the Manufacturing Industry, R&D Management Conference - Fast Connecting R&D, Pisa.

Wohlfeil, Florian; Terzidis, Orestis (2015): A Critical Success Factors Model for Radical Technological Innovations, ISPIM Conference – Shaping the Frontiers of Innovation Management, Budapest.

Ralf Gilde, André Presse, Orestis Terzidis, W.Weston Bray III: Examination of earlystage new ventures in the environment of a universitylinked entrepreneurial Center, G-Forum 2015, 19th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Kassel

Ralph Henn, Jeanette Siegele, Orestis Terzidis: Longitudinale Studie zur Analyse des regionalen Gründungsgeschehens in Karlsruhe, G-Forum 2015, 19th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Kassel

Robert Ruhlandt, Orestis Terzidis: University-driven entrepreneurship ecosystems – A comparison between Stanford University and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology from a student’s perspective, G-Forum 2015, 19th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Kassel

Marlon Hassel, André Presse, Orestis Terzidis : Intrapreneurial opportunity recognition in international corporations – case study from the oil and gas equipment and services industry, G-Forum 2015, 19th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Kassel

Raimund Hartelt, Florian Wohlfeil, Orestis Terzidis: Process model for technology-push utilizing the task-technology-fit approach, G-Forum 2015, 19th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Kassel

Felix Munk, Florian Wohlfeil, Orestis Terzidis: Analyzing the process of technology commercialization within the manufacturing industry, G-Forum 2015, 19th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Kassel

Sabrina Schork, Orestis Terzidis: Erfolgreiche Führungs-Prinzipien im Innovationsbereich, G-Forum 2015, 19th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Kassel

Alexandra Throm, Orestis Terzidis: Die Theory of Trying als Ansatzpunkt zur Förderung von Nascent Entrepreneuren, G-Forum 2015, 19th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Kassel

Alexandra Throm, Orestis Terzidis: Analysis of Intention Action Gap in Entrepreneurship Programs, University-Industry Interaction Conference, Berlin 2015

Alexandra Throm, Orestis Terzidis: Maturity Models and Action Quality: Approaching the Effects of Entrepreneurship Programs in the Light of the Intention-Action Gap, EURAM 15, European Academy of Management, Warsaw 2015

Metzger, Joachim; Terzidis, Orestis; Kraemer, Nicolai: “Value Delivery Architecture Modeling – A New Approach for Business Modeling”, Symposium on Innovation and Entrepreneurship: SIE 2015/WMSCI, Orlando

Max Diamond Singh, Jochen Russ, Orestis Terzidis: The Impact of the ObamaCare Excise Tax on Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Early Empirical Findings, International Journal of Innovation Science, Vol. 7, No. 2, June 2015, Multi-Science Publishing 1757-2223

Florian Wohlfeil, Orestis Terzidis (2014): Critical Success Factors for the strategic management of radical technological innovation, IEEE International ICE Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation, Bergamo 2014,  p.1-9

Claudio Seitz, Orestis Terzidis: Simulating the future market penetration of alternative power train concepts in heavy commercial vehicles, 32nd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, Delft 2014

Wiebke Rüther, Jeanette Stohr, Orestis Terzidis, Thomas Schimmel, André Presse (2014): Evaluating the Market Potential for a New Technology – the Salvinia Case, G-Forum 2014, 18th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Oldenburg

Nils Echtermeyer, Orestis Terzidis, Jeanette Stohr, André Presse (2014): Utilization of Distributed Innovation in the Start-up Process, G-Forum 2014, 18th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Oldenburg

Matthias Zientek, André Presse, Thomas Neumann,. Oretis Terzidis (2014): Analysis of Crowd-investing Startups in Germany, G-Forum, 18th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Oldenburg

Sabrina Schork, Orestis Terzidis (2014): Guiding Behavior Favoring Sustainable Enterprise Innovation Capability, G-Forum, 18th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Oldenburg

Florian Briegel, Clemens van Dinther, Beatrix Jahn,  Anke Weidlich, Orestis Terzidis (2013): Impulse für eine smarte Energiewende, BDI-Drucksache Nr. 467. 

Sanaz Mostaghim, André Presse, Philip Stroisch, Orestis Terzidis (2013): Multi-objective Optimization as a Methodology for evaluating Success Factors for Start-ups, KIT Scientific Working Papers 12, 2013, ISSN: 2194-1629.  

Joel Schneider, Orestis Terzidis, André Presse (2013): Analysis of Social Media Marketing in Technology-oriented Start-ups, 17th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Koblenz.

Maximilian Brandenburger, Gerda Frank, Orestis Terzidis, André Presse (2013): Business Angels Decision Criteria in New Ventures in the Seed and Early Stage Phase, in: Gossel, Britta (Hrsg.): Entrepreneurship Research – Discussing Today the Awareness of Tomorrow, Universitätsverlag Ilmenau, pp. 33-56.

Alexander Riederer von Paar, Orestis Terzidis, André Presse (2013): Identification and Evaluation of Key Success Factors regarding New Product Development Processes in small, early-stage entrepreneurial Firms, 17th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Koblenz.

Orestis Terzidis, Julius Parrisius, Christian Ziegler, André Presse (2013): Success Factors of German E-Ventures in the Early Stage Phase, 17th Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Conference, Koblenz.

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Orestis Terzidis, Daniel Oberle, Andreas Friesen, Christian Janiesch, Alistair Barros (2012): The Internet of Services and USDL. Handbook of Service Description: 1-16

Hans-Jürgen Appelrath, Orestis Terzidis, Christof Weinhardt (2012): Internet of Energy - ICT as a Key Technology for the Energy System of the Future. Business & Information Systems Engineering 4(1): 1-2

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Internet der Energie, BDI-Drucksache Nr. 418, S. 1-40 Dezember 2008

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US 20050010430 - Systems, methods, and software applications for modeling the structure of enterprises 

US 20050010549 - Systems, methods, and software applications for modeling the structure of enterprises

US 20050154606 - User interface for displaying organization structure

US 20050154607 - User interface for displaying multiple organizational hierarchies

DE 2005E00809 Privacy Enhanced Multi-Party Sort


DE 2005E00711 Predictive Trust Management Integration in Business Intelligence