International Business Development and Sales

  • type: Block (B)
  • chair: KIT-Fakultäten - KIT-Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
    KIT-Fakultäten - KIT-Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften - Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik und Marketing - Marketing & Sales
  • semester: WS 21/22
  • lecturer: Prof. Dr. Martin Klarmann
    Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis
    Eric Casernave
  • sws: 4
  • lv-no.: 2572189
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This course is offered within the EUCOR program in cooperation with EM Strasbourg. Max. 10 students of KIT and max. 10 students of EM Strasbourg develop a sales presentation in tandems (teams of 2). This is based on the value proposition of a previously developed business model.

  • An application is required to participate in this event. The application phase usually takes place at the beginning of the lecture period. More information on the application process is available on the Marketing and Sales Research Group website ( shortly before the start of the lecture period.

Total time required for 6 credit points: approx. 180 hours

Lecture languageEnglish