Team Project Economy and Technology

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Basic Information

The "Team Project Business and Technology" has been offered as a new element of the B.Sc. Industrial Engineering since WS20/21. The focus of the module is on the application of theoretical contents of the course to practice-relevant projects at the interface of business and technology and the preparation of students for working in interdisciplinary teams.

Core elements of the concept:

- Working on projects in interdisciplinary teams: students are divided into teams of 4-5 members with heterogeneous majors or subject selections. In this way, students are better prepared for the challenges of the professional life of an industrial engineer.

- Interdisciplinary assignments: At the beginning of the course, students have the opportunity to choose from a good dozen projects. The tasks are oriented towards the interface between business and technology. In doing so, the focus of the regular course is expanded from "understand" to "design".

- Artefactas result: In addition to a presentation or a report, an artefact is also desired as project output to monitor success. This could be, for example, a prototype and business plan, a component, an algorithm, a model or similar. These artifacts should be provided centrally in a short video (max. 3 minutes).

Further procedure:

Central coordination/registration: choice of module in the free elective or in the BWL/ING module is followed by registration and acceptance to the respective team project.

Decentralized execution of the team project: Continuous processing of the problem in the team in close coordination with the respective supervising institute.

Central deliverables: Submission of the video on the problem and results/artifacts for central provision on the YouTube channel of the faculty and participation in the public pitch presentation with a 5-minute presentation per team project and presence of representatives of the partner companies of the KIT Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management.