Student Innovation Lab (SIL)

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The Student Innovation Lab (SIL) offers students the opportunity to experience an innovation process similar to that of a start-up company. The course comprises three different practical labs with innovative infrastructure and workshops, which at the end of the course lead to the design, construction and presentation of an actual prototype of an innovative idea. In addition, the labs are accompanied by lectures and seminars on topics related to the innovation process such as brainstorming, business model development and pitching, held by experienced experts in the field of innovation and start-ups.

The course lasts two semesters and starts in the winter semester. With a written exam, several presentations and term papers, the student earns 15 ECTS (18 ECTS for business students). KIT students from the fields of electrical engineering and information technology, mechatronics, computer science, and economics can apply.

Note: If the lecture Entrepreneurship and the associated written exam was already successfully completed and passed in a previous semester, it does not have to be attended again.

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