International Business Development and Sales

The seminar introduces students to basic concepts of business planning for entrepreneurs. On the one hand, this involves concepts for the concretization of business ideas (business modeling, estimation of market potential, resource planning, etc.) and on the other hand, the preparation of a feasible business plan (with or without VC financing). During the seminar, students are familiarized with methods to develop patents and business ideas into a more concrete business plan and to formulate it in a business plan.

Organizational Information:
To participate in this event, registration on the wiwi portal is required.

In combination with the compulsory course "Entrepreneuership" (3 ECTS) the module "Entrepreneurship" can be completed completely (or in combination with "Sales Management and Retailing" (3 ECTS) the module "SalesManagement").

This event is also open to participants in the EUCOR programme.

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Course dates and locations: To be determined
One 3-day block each in January in Karlsruhe and in March at the EM Strasbourg in France. Accommodation and travel expenses will be covered.

Learning objectives:
Students are familiarized with methods of opportunity identification (including technology push), opportunity assessment and business planning for a start-up. In addition, they will work on a project in a binational team and develop the corresponding soft skills.

Lecture language: English

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