Der Weg zum eigenen Unternehmen - mit den eigenen Werten, die Welt nachhaltig verändern (Online)

  • type: Block (B)
  • semester: WS 20/21
  • time: 10.11.2020
    09:30 - 17:00 einmalig

    09:30 - 17:00 einmalig

    09:30 - 12:30 einmalig

  • lecturer: Benedict Heblich
    Alexander Tittel
  • lv-no.: 9005471
  • information:


The registration takes place on the website of the HOC.
Registration period: 09.10.20 (12:00 hrs) - 19.10.20 (12:00 hrs)

The course begins with a period of self-reflection in which each participant explores his or her personal values. This process is supported by psychological evaluation tools that visualize personal value tendencies based on a quantitative online survey. This survey is sent to the students before the start of the seminar.
After forming teams, the personal values are presented within the group and common core values and an entrepreneurial idea are agreed upon. Social and ecologically sustainable projects are welcome. The core values of the teams can serve as common guidelines within the company. They help the teams in the long run not to lose sight of their intrinsic motivation and to pursue goals that they not only want to achieve, but which, once achieved, lead to more satisfaction and self-fulfillment within the team.

Over the course of the seminar, the participants refine their own business ideas using these methods and through continuous feedback in the teams. The ideas are developed into valid business models. At the end of the seminar the results are presented to the group.

Basic topics in the field of entrepreneurship are covered and knowledge is imparted:

  • Leadership and culture: The self-reflection phase promotes the personality development of the participants and lays the foundation for value-oriented teamwork. This is crucial for both an authentic leadership style and a self-determined work culture. Both tend not only to promote the success of a company, but also the satisfaction of all members in the company.

  • Business modelling: We work with students' entrepreneurial ideas, so we ask participants to bring their own ideas to the seminar. In the course of the seminar we will work on the development of a business model using different methods.

  • Derivation and validation of hypotheses: Using various methods, students will change the business model and the value proposition (once or several times, if necessary) in an action-based manner and learn the basic principles of the iterative process of developing a business model.


  • Gain clarity about the personal motivators and build a business idea on this
  • Realistic conception and target group-oriented presentation of business ideas and business models
  • Know and be able to apply common methods from the field of entrepreneurship
  • Knowing how to start your own business as an alternative to employment

Entry requirements:
The seminar is aimed exclusively at Bachelor students who do not belong to any of the courses of study at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. (For these students there is a separate seminar within the Faculty of Economic Sciences).

Registration period (lottery procedure) on the HOC website:
09.10.20 (12:00 noon) - 19.10.20 (12:00 noon)
For open places - registration possible until: 03.11.20, 09:00 hrs

Workload for ECTS:
2 ECTS: attendance, active participation in the seminar and giving a presentation
3 ECTS: attendance, active participation in the seminar, giving a presentation and a final written paper

Lecture language: German

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