Basic concepts of corporate planning in the field of IT security

  • type: Seminar (S)
  • semester: SS 2020
  • time: 21.04.2020
    09:00 - 13:00 täglich
    01.93 Seminarraum K1
    01.93 Kronenstraße 32

    09:00 - 13:00 täglich
    01.93 Seminarraum K1
    01.93 Kronenstraße 32

    09:00 - 13:00 täglich
    10.50, Raum 604

    09:00 - 13:00 täglich
    01.93 Seminarraum K1
    01.93 Kronenstraße 32

    09:00 - 13:00 täglich
    01.93 Seminarraum K1
    01.93 Kronenstraße 32

  • lecturer:
    Laura Kienzle
    Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis
  • sws: 2
  • lv-no.: 2545109

ATTENTION: Change of date:
Tue, 05.05.2020, 09:00-13:00, Zoom
Tue, 19.05.2020, 09:00-13:00, Zoom
Tue, 02.06.2020, 09:00-13:00, Zoom
Tue, 16.06.2020, 09:00-13:00, Zoom
Tue, 30.06.2020, 09:00-13:00, Zoom
Tue, 14.07.2020, 09:00-13:00, Zoom

Registration until 29.04.2020 in the Wiwi-Portal.


In order to identify opportunities, students should identify fields for entrepreneurial opportunities in a systematic web research. For this purpose, procedures of systematic mapping will be adapted to research general web sources and applied to research interesting fields in the field of cyber security.

Information about the seminar:

In the seminar you will work in groups of max 4 persons. Group applications are welcome but not a prerequisite for participation.

Some of the seminars will be held in English.

The seminar will focus on opportunity recognition in the field of IT security, followed by ideation sessions with the aim of finding possible applications for technologies developed at KIT. Prototyping and also pitching are part of the seminar.

Target Group:

Master students

Information on the allocation of seminar places:

Registration for the seminar is possible in the Wiwi-Portal from 06.03.2020 to 25.03.2019 at 23:55. To apply for the seminar, please send us a letter of motivation (max. 5 sentences).

Seminar contents:

  • To identify opportunities, the participants should identify fields for business opportunities in a systematic Web Research. For this purpose, procedures of systematic mapping are adapted to the research of general web sources and applied to the research of interesting fields in the area of cyber security.
  • All information will be discussed with experts on the second seminar day. The aim of the first two sessions is to develop a systematic segmentation of market needs.
  • After the teams have been formed, the "Technology Application Selection (TAS)" workshop follows. This is a framework developed by EnTechnon that will help the teams to develop concrete business ideas based on given technologies. The three steps of TAS will be the content of the third and fourth day of the seminar. Participants will generate ideas and then - based on specific criteria that we will provide - choose an idea on which they will build their value proposition.
  • The last session before the final day will deal with the topic of prototype construction and validation. Methods of rapid prototyping and validation from the Design Thinking environment will be used.
  • On the last day - before their final presentations - the participants learn how to present the idea in a short presentation (pitch) to an interested audience.