Development of an innovative instrument to measure the 'creative culture' in companies

  • Type:Masterarbeit
  • Date:as of now (September 2021)
  • Supervisor:

    Benedict Heblich

    Robert Gerlach

Development of an innovative instrument to measure the 'creative culture' of companies

Research agenda

The research agenda is developed in consultation with "you" (the student) so that you can develop as freely as possible within the topic and enjoy the work.

Motivation of the work

In a master thesis (Gollmer, 2021) we identified the essential influencing factors on creativity in organizations.These influencing factors could be divided into individual and organizational factors as well as leadership and team factors. The factors were operationalized and made measurable in the master thesis via questionnaires.

Traditional questionnaires have high dropout rates because they are often too monotonous and not user-friendly. Companies such as Microsoft, Gallup and Parship can use innovative and playful question techniques (gamification) to query relevant factors in such a way that high validity is achieved with a very good user experience.

Research objective

The aim of this thesis is to research and analyse the latest questioning techniques from theory and practice and, on the basis of this and the above-mentioned master's thesis, to develop an innovative instrument for measuring a company's creative culture.

State of the research

  1. What innovative questioning techniques exist in research (or in practice)?
  2. Development and testing of an innovative instrument to measure a creative culture.


  1. Systematic literature research (or expert interviews)
  2. Design Science Research



  • as of now (September 2021)


Dipl.-Wirt-Ing. Robert Gerlach, creativity trainer, IQudo® sport of ideas, Email: r.gerlach∂; Website:



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