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Basic information

Team Project Economy and Technology

The "Team Project Business and Technology" is offered as a new element of the B.Sc. Industrial Engineering since WS20/21. The focus of the module is on the application of theoretical contents of the course to practice-relevant projects at the interface of business and technology and the preparation of students for working in interdisciplinary teams.

Core elements of the concept:

Working on projects in interdisciplinary teamsStudents are divided into teams of 4-5 members with heterogeneous majors or subject selections. This is to better prepare students for the challenges in the professional life of an industrial engineer.

-Interdisciplinary taskAt the beginning of the course, students have the opportunity to choose from a good dozen projects. The tasks are oriented towards the interface between business and technology. In doing so, the focus of the regular course is expanded from "understand" to "design."

-Artefact as a resultIn addition to a presentation or a report, an artefact is also required as project output to monitor success. This could be a prototype and business plan, a component, an algorithm, a model or similar. These artefacts should be provided centrally in a short video (max. 3 minutes).

Further procedure:

  1. Central coordination/registration: choice of module in the free elective area or in the BWL/ING module is followed by registration and acceptance for the respective team project
  2. Decentralized execution of the team project: Continuous processing of the problem in the team in close coordination with the respective supervising institute.
  3. Central deliverables: submission of the video on the problem and results/artifacts for central provision on the YouTube channel of the faculty and participation in the public pitch presentation with 5 minutes presentation per team project and presence of representatives* of the partner companies of the KIT Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management.

More information:

Team Projects 20/21

In the following, two team projects from the past winter semester 2020/21 are presented to give an insight into the projects.

Project Fish'N'Bricks

The team project Fish'N'Bricks deals with an analysis and further development of an already existing business model of the university group Enactus e.V. The basic idea of the project is to remove plastic waste from the oceans and from the beaches, to press the plastic into the shape of a brick and then to use the bricks for example for building houses.

Supervisors: Sarah Manthey, Alexander Tittel (EnTechnon)

Project Opportunity Recognition (Homi Systems)

The team project Opportunity Recognition initially presented the students with the task of analyzing the UN SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) in the context of a trend book. This was complemented by an input workshop in which students became aware(er) of their values, competencies and preferences in order to narrow down an area from which to build a solid foundation for an ideation process for a potential business idea. This and other elements eventually led to the Homi Systems project! Homi Systems is an intuitive, connected, and cross-device everyday assistant for seniors and their loved ones with a focus on health, safety, and social interaction.

Supervisors: Sarah Manthey, Alexander Tittel (EnTechnon)