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Business Planning for Founders (EUCOR Edition)

Business Planning for Founders (EUCOR Edition)
Typ: Seminar (S)
Semester: WS 19/20

09:00 - 17:00
30.96 Seminarraum 1. OG (R104)
30.96  Zentrum für Ost- und Mitteleuropa (ZOM)

Plus ein Seminartag in Straßburg voraussichtlich am 19.03.2020 (und je ein Seminartag für International Selling - EUCOR am KIT am 24.01.2020 und in Strasbourg am 20.03.2020). Übernachtungs- und Reisekosten dafür werden übernommen.


Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis

Prof. Anaïs HAMELIN (EM Strasbourg)

SWS: 2
LVNr.: 2545020

Das Seminar ist nur in Kombination mit der Veranstaltung "International Selling - EUCOR" (LV 2572179) belegbar.

Organizational Information:
  • One session will take place on 19/20 March in Strasbourg/France. Accommodation and travel expenses will be covered.
  • This event is open to participants of the EUCOR programme.
  • An application is required to participate in this event. The application phase usually takes place at the beginning of the lecture period. Further information on the application process can be found on the EnTechnon website (http://etm.entechnon.kit.edu) and the Marketing and Sales Research Group (marketing.iism.kit.edu) shortly before the start of the lecture period.
  • Please note that this course "Business Planning for Founders - EUCOR" (3 ECTS) and the course "International Selling – EUCOR" (3 ECTS) can only be taken together (a total of 6 ECTS). In combination with the compulsory lecture "Entrepreneuership" (3 ECTS) the module "Entrepreneurship" is completed (or in combination with "Sales Management and Retailing" (3 ECTS) the module "Sales Management").


Course Dates and Locations:
  • Thursday 23.01.2020, 09.00-17.00, Building 30.96, Seminar Room 1st Floor, (R104)

  • (International Selling – EUCOR: Friday 24.01.2020, 09.00-17.00, Building 10.50, Room 604)

  • Thursday 19.03.2020, 09.00-17.00, Strasbourg (details will be announced)

  • (International Selling – EUCOR: Friday 20.03.2020, Strasbourg (details will be announced)


The seminar introduces students to basic concepts of business planning for entrepreneurs. This involves concepts for the description of business opportunities (problem, solution, target group, value proposition etc.), the evaluation of the opportunity (market potential, competitor analysis, feasibility etc.) as well as the creation of an executable business plan (team set-up, product development, market entry approach, marketing approach, financial planning).

Learning Objectives:

Students will be familiarized with methods of opportunity identification (including technology push opportunities), opportunity evaluation and business planning for a startup. In addition, they will work on a project in an international team and build the corresponding soft skills.


Osterwalder, Alexander; Pigneur, Yves (2013): Business model generation. A handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers. New York: Wiley&Sons.

Aulet, Bill (2013): Disciplined Entrepreneurship. 24 Steps to a Successful Startup. Hoboken: Wiley.

Ulwick, Anthony W. (2016): Jobs to be done. Theory to practice: Idea Bite Press.

Terzidis, Orestis; Vogel, Leonid (2018): A Unified Model of the Technology Push Process and Its Application in a Workshop Setting. In André Presse, Orestis Terzidis (Eds.): Technology Entrepreneurship: Insights in New Technology-Based Firms, Research Spin-Offs and Corporate Environments. Cham: Springer International Publishing, pp. 111–135.




Total effort with 3 credit points: approx. 90 hours