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Co-evolution Entrepreneurship

Co-evolution Entrepreneurship
Datum:sofort (Stand 16.11.2016)

Ziyang Guo, Prof. Dr. Orestis Terzidis


Entrepreneurship has ever been an interesting topic that fascinate the mind of the brilliant. It is even getting more important on both political and economic agendas to have the best practice of entrepreneurship. To continuously further the knowledge in this area, EnTechnon’ research in Entrepreneurship offers the following opportunity.



The objective of the project is to establish theoretic and practical common ground for future start-ups in both China and Germany. Exploring interconnections between start-up teams from distanced backgrounds so as to formulate better guidance on issues of early internationalisation and international entrepreneurship.

The scope of the project includes,

  • understand and analyse the start-ups in China and Germany
  • data acquisition from international organisations
  • qualitative or/and quantitative analysis
  • participating at an international entrepreneurship workshop


To be able to successfully conduct this project, you should have:

  • Knowledge or experience with quantitative or qualitative analysis
  • Great communicator and feel comfortable to reach out for information
  • Business or entrepreneur background
  • German and English


For further information on the project please contact Ziyang Guo.