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Unravelling the key decision-making processes in the early stage of a Startup

Unravelling the key decision-making processes in the early stage of a Startup
Forschungsthema:Decision-Making Processes
Datum:ab sofort

Marcos González/ Prof. Orestis Terzidis

Description Entrepreneurs are faced with multiple decisions during the start-up and throughout the life of their business. The path to achieving any goal for an entrepreneur or a manager is full of decisions. Decisions that demand time, effort and resources to get a possible solution. Decisions that will lead to the success or failure of an organization.  
Mintzberg (1976) defines the concept of the decision as a “specific commitment to action” and a decision process as a “set of actions and dynamic factors”. 
Although all the set of decisions of an entrepreneur are important according to a systematic view of the organisations, there are key decisions processes that have more impact on the positive results of a new venture.
 Those decisions will be the object of study in this work, and it will be structured as follow:
-    State of the art (SLR)
-    Definition of the research questions
-    Methodology
-    Application of instruments
-    Discussion and conclusion
Objectives •    Analyze the literature to identify state of the art in key decisions on new ventures
•    Define the key decisions processes for an entrepreneur based on empirical and theoretical studies
Research Method •    Systematic Literature Review
•    Qualitative/ Quantitative methods
Basic Literature
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